The five best sales tips!

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We like being right, don’t we? I admit that I do, anyway.

In this respect, I’m hinting to my own tip about which colour to choose at previous summers sale. At that time I dug out a green suit, and tipped you about searching for similar shades. I’m not sure how you did, but for me, my suit has remained one of my favourite outfits since. I have used it throughout  different seasons and am by no means done with it yet.

And here it is again, the sales season. are you ready for new tips? This time I have widen my lits to 5 tips. In this way you can approach the sales full of info and inspiration.

I am naturally very taken by colours. Its not without reason. They affect both my own and others mood, either we are aware of it or not. Hence is the first thing I look for when I’m shopping. In addition to this it is also one of the most trends-sensitive of all the factors that make up the vague label “fashion trend”. Just look around and see how we are emerged in pink at the moment. Its a collective experience that this colour is NOW, that creates this kind of situations. HOW this collective idea is created is due to complexe factors, that I have to return to in another post. Fact remains that brown is now set to be a big colour in the time to come. The most trend-sensitive of us have seen it long already, but now it looks like it will reach a broader audience. It is a colour that can be used crossing all seasons and is easily matched with a great number of other colours. Hence it is truly versatile. It gives a nostalgic nod to the 70s, that we never seem to tire from – and then in particular in the form of wide corduroy stripes and knits. But, if you’re not fond of the 70, there are still a lot of other ways to use it. Because it hasn’t been big on the marked for long, it will not be too easy to find on sales, however. But if you stumble upon an item, don’t hesitate to check it out.

Coat from Elizabeth and James, shoes from See by Chloé

Bag and outfit from Ralph Laurent

Bag from Tory Burch

THE TEXTILE: Natural fibres
Sales can be many things. The shops receive new collections and must make room for these. Some, (the smartest maybe) wait as long as possible to mark down the best items, but easily put the less good sellers out for sale. And it’s here you should be aware. Don’t buy things you don’t need/fit, or worse, are not that thrilled about, just because its cheap. Instead, search for products in good quality, that you really want to wear, after the first kick of “cheap” has left you. Cotton, silke, wool, viscose and leather are all great investments – also on sale. I challenge you to let it be a habit checking the labels for the quality, and as a general rule let the “plastic” fibres be. The world does not need more micro plastic. Neither do you.

Sweaters in cotton mix from Isabel Marant and fra Joseph

Sweaters in kashmir from H & M

THE PRODUCTS: Jackets and coats
If you stumble upon your dream dress on sale in August, and the season is a bout to be over, don’t hesitate about investing. There will always be another summer! However, as general rule, I would advice you to look for items that transcends the seasons. Or at the very least, can be used during those transitional faces of the year. Then you’ll get a lot of return on your investment. Jackets and trousers that fit your particular shape are great for that. In these items it will be smart to look for good base products that can be mixed and matched with your remaining wardrobe. These kind of buys you will be happy about for long. Troures with a lot of volume are hot right now. However, remember to buy for you. Be sure that the shape fits your particular body shape. When it comes to jackets, the big trend is that they should lean on the bigger side, have long, lean lapels and be double breasted. Below a few examples.

Trousers and jacket from Zara

Jacket from Halston Heritage

THE DETAILS: Ornaments and prints
A sales quest will not be fun if you are only to think strategically. One must have a bit of fun as well. Dare looking with your heart too. Look for prints décor, embroideries and ornament that might make an items too expensive on full price, but within reach on sale. Some (most!) of my favourite items are found like this. However, you need to have a certain order in your head here as well. Make yourself well acquainted with your own wardrobe (this goes for the rest of the year, as well, of course), so that you know with what these items will be matched. The prints that are hottest right now gives associations to the classical scarf-prints, so these are very safe choices. Other than that, the same attitude should be applied here as for the qualities: steer clear of the cheap versions. Glued-on decorations and wild neon-combinations are best left alone. They might feel right by the seaside of Cannes, but risk a very short life when you reach the northern shores of home… Another advice is to steer clear of the biggest sellers from the current season. There are always some “must-haves” each season, and those are not as much fun to wear the following one.

Swimsuit from Ganni, top from Caroline Constas

Dress from Dolce Gabbana

All that remains then is to say: Enjoy your sales!

Pssst: All products displayed here are currently on sale

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