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I have some white shirts and blouses in my closet. But there is one, with a little collar, I use particularly much. It’s so easy to combine with different outfits, and can be used together with several items that I would have to hang away, because they would have been too cold for the winter. When I was buttoning it up the other day, it occurred to me that I could write a post about how to use the shirt, in 5 different ways. But then it dawned on me: that’s what everybody are doing! Along with tips on how to style your jeans or the black blazer. I’m choosing to belive that you, my trusted followers, are reading my articles exactly because I’m not recycling ideas like that.

Hence, my thought here is to show you how I match garments with a bigger personality instead. You see, my most important point about this article is to inspire you to make use of the items you already have in your wardrobe, that is you and gives you personality. In that respect I belive its ok to know that, even though I live from being a fashionisnpirator, I dont change my wardrobe every season. I think that would be downright awkward. So, below you’ll find examples of how I style my wardrobe and how you can use the same tricks.

The favourite sweater

Wool, a sure winner.

This wool sweater is one of my own designs. For that reason its pretty obvious that it is one of my favourites. For me, it has the right colour, material and volume. In other words, a real Kinderegg. Surely you have another colour that you love, and probably also another fit that you like. Spend some time finding the right one and try looking for wool. Then it will fit a lot of stuff, keep you warm and also not peel much. Perfect!

A suit that fits your shape

A suit is always a good idea.

My green favourite is bought back in the summer of 2017. What a find! In addition to the fact that I love the colour, the shape of the trousers and jacket fits me perfectly. That is vital if you want an item to become a winner in your closet. In other words, considering spending a bit extra might be worth it. Dare going for something else than black or navy though. If you do so, I’m sure you’ll soon be happily enjoying all the outfits you’ll get out if it.

Skirt with a personality

Swap your jeans for a skirt!

It’s always a foolproof option to go for jeans. There has been written several kilometres worth of columns on how to style it from everyday-cool to party-ready. That’s why I would rather focus on a skirt. With personality. It’s a common mistake to belive that an item must be as neutral as possible to be worth wearing much. The pictures below proves that that isn’t right. I style my skirt with both fishnets and coloured tights, but have yet to use it with black opaques. That’s because colours invite other colours. Experiment with different colour combos to find your own favourites, and see how happy you become.

A wool coat in your favourite colour

You’ll never tire of a coat in the colour you like best

This coat is soon 15 years old. But because it’s on wool, fits like a charm and is in a juicy red, it still hangs in my closet. I don’t use if for everything, but still for surprisingly much given the age and the saturated colour. The details, like the Peter span collar and the raised waist makes it quite timeless. That is not necessary a point that I head much value all the time, but a point that still makes sense if you want a garment to last really long. In the end, it’s the total styling of your outfit is what determines weather your look feels current or a bit outdated.

I’d be really happy to receive pictures of you in your favourite combinations. If you send them to hild@hilddesign, or tagg me on Instagram with the hashtag “favorittkombinasjonen” it might be just you that I feature in my planned, new Sunday carousel on Instagram.

Have a lovely weekend.

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