5 steps to iternaly beautiful

PERSONAL STYLE / Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

This is mum. She is 71 years old. She has never injected a syringe in her face, been close to a scalpel or filled in anything else than inside vitamins. yet she looks like this. Is there any wonder I’m proud?

Mum, Kari Hunsager, 71 years old, lightly touched with make.up, beautiful and completely without filters
A thin layer of foundation, toped with a bit of rouge, a light accentuation of eyes and brows, topped with a light stroke of lipstick is all that is done here.

That doesn’t mean that the result of her aging is a miracle without any effort. Rather the contrary! Mum has always taken care of herself and kept a close eye on her health. Her choices have never leaned on easy, but life choices that have coloured her life, in everyday, vacations, storm and quiet.  Here are her best tips.

  1. ALWAYS use sunscreen during summer! Are you the easy going type, then use your (face-)sunscreen as face-cream in the warmer month. She does. Spend moderate of time in the sun. A veil of bronzed skin is beautiful, but hours and hours under the hot sun is damaging after some time. Lucky for mum, she is too restless for that. And in addition to that she always has her sun hat/brim close-by…
  2. Use as little make-up you can bare. Mum had NEVER worn foundation before, when I made her up for this shot.  Her daily make-up consists og a slick of eyeshadow and a bit of mascara. In the long run that means that her skin has been free of all kinds of chemicals that our make-up often contains.
  3. Eat healthy! Focus on food that is made from ground-up, with lots of vegetables and fresh ingredients. Add vitamins during winter
  4. Excercise! Get that pulse going and train muscles and tendons especially. Tale long walks as often as you can take it, preferably every day. Form your life so that that walk becomes need, not a punishment.
  5. Get youself in bed! When the clock turns 01, the party is over for mum. Like the before mentioned points, this is not always a popular stand, but is a point to consider, all the same.
Mum and I. Her 71 and I soon-to-be 47
We share the colour- and fashion-enthusiasm, both of us
71 and soon-to-be 47, and just as happy.

If you had hoped for miracle methods now, I know that i have let you down. I still think that a reality check could be in order, from time to time. Lie has a way to mess with us , and make us weak to cutting corners where we truly know what we should have been doing. Mum is a god example to the fact that generally not faltering gives us the result we all want, in the long run.

I have read somewhere that if you want to know how the woman will turn out, you should look at her mother. Should that be true, I have nothing to fear.

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