A foolproof option

blackandwhite, FASHION, fashionoverforty, party, PERSONAL STYLE / Monday, December 11th, 2017

In most cases I’m a big advocate for colours. Anyone who has read my blog knows that. But every once in a while I go black or white – or both – for a formal occasion.

We were going to celebrate a friends 60th birthday and a) I did not want to risk outshining the hostess by a blast of colours, and b) I wanted to be perfectly comfortable. For that this outfit was perfect. The skirt is both beautifully sewn with beading, fringes and stones AND comfortable, as it has a lot of stretch. The silk shirt simply floats around the body, along with the scarf. I’m not very good at letting comfort coming into play when I buy items for parties, but I’m sure I don’t have to convince you it’s worth it if you can find something that is

Putting on a smoky eye in the middle of a sunlit Sunday felt pretty awkward, but I made sure that everything was particulary well blended, so I think is worked.

A finishing touch with nude nail manicure and no lipstick downplayed the festive look to for the afternoon party it was mean for. Normally I would say that a gal my age always benefits from a slick of colour on her lips, but sometimes you just have to break your own rules. A bit of shimmer on the amour line and some moisture was all I used this time. See what works for you

I don’t need to tell you that if you want to go for a similar look it shouldn’t be hard to find. Black skirts and white shirts are fundamental basics in a wardrobe. So seek out good quality and special detailing in these items. They could last for very long in your closet and give you a lot of joy, so spend that extra dime on them <3

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