A long dress

FASHION, fashionoverforty, PERSONAL STYLE, runway / Sunday, June 11th, 2017

“You look great! You and your dress really stand out!” our waiter said, leaning in towards us and giving me a big smile! I was baffled and surprised and blushing a bit saying my thank-yous. But really though, that’s the sort of comment that kind-of-makes-the-night, right? Not that it needed any saving: I was there with a good friend, and we were having a wonderful time. But a compliment like that really puts an extra spring in your steps. And it was all down to a long dress. Printed and floaty and hugging me in the right places.



I think all women should have a dress like that in their closet. It is not for every day and you might have to swallow a little wanting-to-blend-in instinct, but once you have the right occasion, you’ll feel so happy to wear it you’ll just shine. Of course, the summers here in Oslo aren’t always as shiny as we hope them to be, so having a leather jacket to throw over it is not bad idea.


This dress is not my own doing , but I have designed a couple for next summer that I am dying to show you. Can’t wait till the time comes! Watch this space!

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