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“I love making women beautiful!”. The quote is from far back in the 80s, and an article in magazine my mum left laying around. The woman, which quote I’m referring to, had deep blue eyeshadow and was dressed in the dramatic silhouette of the time. She was a personal stylist and was pictured with one of her customers. I have never forgotten that quote. Probably because I simply love making women beautiful myself. Girlfriends that have know me for long know this. It can serve as an example that one of the many challenges I got for my hen parti, back in the days, was to style the whole crowd of girls. I took it right in my, somewhat giddy, stride.

As a designer, I have always delt with beautifying but as a personal stylist and fashioninspirator, this job has come closer and became a lot more personal. The one-to-one meetings are something completely different and a thing I highly appreciate. So, I think it is about time I give you some examples of the work I’ve done this fall :

Personal colours

In my post from earlier this fall, I write about the value of knowing your own colours. if you do that, you can pick items with confidence and thereafter build a flexible wardrobe that can be mixed and matched depending on your mood. That is gold in a busy everyday. Below you see an example from one of my meetings about this. Anja looks like at typical nordic blonde, but is actually a brunette from birth. However, over the years more and more greys have appeared. As an effect she decided to be ahead of this development and decided to dye her hair blonde. We concluded quickly that this was a good decision. Because Anja suits cold, clear colours, and her hairdresser did a good job, Anja appears as a very natural blonde. Her best colours are red tones, from the lightest of baby pin, through to raspberry red and all the way to vibrant cerise. The follow-up from our meeting was a report with her personal colours and advice about how to use them. At the far right you see her in the find she went right out and bought after our meeting. She couldn’t possibly met her target better!

Anja, during our consultation, and after, in her new buy.

Personal shopping

Anne Merete, in one of her new outfits. Some of her other finds to the right

As a fashion designer and stylist, the task of finding clothes is a very minor challenge. My best note to self is to stay away from shops all together sometimes… For many others this is a completely different story. The feeling of not having enough hours in the day and not seeing the forest for the trees, is the case for many. This is where personal shopping comes into play. I have assisted several women, with different needs, wallet, shape and tastes. Here you see Anne Merete. She has an added challenge when it comes to normality, but was open and willing to try both on the in and outside of her comfort zone. Our main focus was on dresses and knitted garments, but we also found her new favourite coat and other spices to her wardrobe. The result was so lovely! Anne Merete was beaming when we were done and was already wearing some of the finds from our expedition.

Personal styling

Sometimes you want to be extra dashing. Maybe you’re going to a special party, an important meeting or about to take some official pictures? Maybe that’s the right time for an extra hand with hair, make-up and outfit? Below you see an example of that. Bjørg was about to take some important pictures and wanted some styling help. She has beautiful, red hair and suit rich fall colours, but is naturally very cautious about make-up. So I went to the task with a light hand, focusing on hair and skin. Lightweight touches of eyeshadow, blush and lip colour did the trick, while the top was exactly as clean and flattering it should be for an upcoming photoshoot.


Bjørg, during her personal styling session.

I also offer a wardrobe cleans or a combination of the above mentioned examples. Your needs are my assignments. A bit like having a little Tinker Bell on your shoulder, perhaps?

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