A tourist in Oslo

Uncategorized / Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Summer is upon us. Oslo is hot like a southern paradise, with streets and squares more like places I’ve only visited during my vacations. There is not much to be sorry about. Nut, to gather ones thoughts around work can be challenging. Then its good to have weekends! We have spent those well this last couple of weeks and really explored what Oslo has to offer. The Forgnerbath is one of them. My daughter of four has really discovered the job of swimming, like these pictures show. She was in the water almost non-stop for 3 hours on Saturday and slept 12,5 hours the following night. That is the stuff that summer-memories are made of!

The “Paradise-bay” has been another favourite destination. Here, chloride and tiles are swapped for salt and sand. Both has its charm and we enjoy both in equal measures.

To be able to pause for a moment by the poolside and for a brief moment longer hold onto the feeling of being much farther south is worth a lot. The stress of everyday life is washed a away in favour of that vacation feeling.

To such occasions one can allow to dress up a bit as well. You would do that in your vacation, non?

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