Hild Andresen Bergère is not the typical jeans-and-T-shirt-kinda-gal. She owns one pair of jeans, and probably has a total of two T-shirts. This is most certainly because her goal to dressing never has been practical. She loves the art of dressing up and then style comes before comfort. Case in point: If she has a bad day it is even more important to her to look good. If you wake up feeling awful you most certainly do not want pitiful oh-are-you-all-right-comments! A compliment on a day like that is simply so much more efficient! One could argue that being comfortable is a true value, but putting your best foot forward really does put a sparkle to your day, don’t you think?

She aspire to interest you and keep you updated about her views on international fashion and personal style. She is not the youngest of bloggers, but as the title of her site argues, she is forty (something) and fine with that. Surely there are many out there feeling exactly that, so here’s to all of you! And if younger girls share an interest in what she has to say they are most welcome to!

Fineforforty is meant to inspire everyday women to go beyond their self imposed rules of dressing and morph into more confident women. Looking like the woman next door is not her thing, and she believes it shouldn’t be your either. Believe in your own beauty and power and use very occasion as a good occasion to dress up!


Hild Andresen Bergère has a fashion and constructor-degree from the renowned French design school, ESMOD in 1995. Since then she has worked in various fields of creative work always bringing her positive energy and taste to her projects.

Her special line of expertise is fashion design, but she has expensive knowledge in graphic design as well, having worked for seven years as a graphic designer in the worldwide firm Razorfish.

She has held several Head of design positions, but running her own line HILD RIEF, (also her name at the time) has probably left the biggest mark and given her the deep knowledge about fashion and the fashion business she holds today

She finds profound joy in beauty and creating, being it graphic design, fashion design, logo design or interior styling. She is also keen to style and make-over women and encourages them to find more joy in dressing-up.