Blue as I can be

fashionoverforty, MISCELLANEOUS, PERSONAL STYLE / Sunday, February 26th, 2017

It happens every year around this time: As sure as the sun starts climbing higher into the sky, I start longing for blues. This year is no exception: I was out walking the other day, wrapped in versions of reds I have been wearing all fall and winter, and suddenly, it felt like I couldn’t wear them for a minute longer. A nearby shop was carrying just the right kind of blue in just the right kind of wool, so some moments later, I was the happy owner of that lovely spring feeling.

IMG_7962 2
Today was the perfect day for an outfit like this. Sparkly spring sun from a clear blue sky and time to spend with hubby and daughter. We walked through the city and ended at friends, eating cream buns and enjoying good conversations.

After a lovely dinner, my weekend ends with a date with my husband at the cinema, seeing La la Land. I wish all Sundays could be like this one!

Sweater from Selected Femme, trousers from COS.

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