But Christmas wasn’t dead!

Christmas, DIY, FASHION, fashionoverforty, party / Sunday, February 11th, 2018

How much fun do you allow yourself? Should your everyday and parties be as expected, or do you dare calling that cheeky child within and wander off from the beaten path a bit, every now and then? Here we are lucky enough to have party-happy friends that doesn’t take themselves nor their friends too seriously. Theme-parties are not unusual, and when those happens, you better not had back!

This time we were invited to a couple that spent their Christmas to the sounds of palm leaves, and hence didn’t feel they had had quite as much Christmas as they’d like, So, when one of them was going to celebrate his birthday, they decided to bring Christmas back. We were going to eat Christmas ribs and deliver Christmas presents with the little twist to it all that the dress-code was bad-taste Christmas. For one that hasn’t exactly collected crazy Christmas sweaters, not is very good at keeping ugly stuff, this was of corse a bit of a challenge. But to dress as Christmas, with large amounts of sliver glitter and self glowing lights, teamed with a dash og oversized red, couldn’t be too wrong? So then the Christmas decorations had to be dug out again and those silver pants seen on sale were to be bought.

Even my eyelids got a stroke of silver glitter and my silver shoes strass add-ons.

The hosts has decorated the whole apartment to cheekily match the bad-taste theme, and them and the other guests had taken to the task of dressing accordingly in the most funny way!

I would have liked a lot more pictures of the guests here, because there was a lot to take from! But I always get a little insecure sticking my camera up the nose of people I dont know so well….

But fun we had, for sure!

Which brings me to my not-so-well hidden agenda: Dare to go all the way sometimes! That being in you everyday or at parties. It’s comfortable nice to go about it the same way, but how very refreshing it is to break away and do something completely new, once in a blue moon!

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