Christmas shopping – for yourself

Uncategorized / Friday, December 15th, 2017

It happenes every year. I go gift shopping for Christmas, and I wind up finding something (or a lot) for myself that I simply cannot resist. Some of it ends up on my wish-list (for the most part exposed to my husband), but some end up coming home with me. This time it was these printed trousers that I couldn’t leave.

The motif transcends both Christmas and spring, as well as matching a lot of pieces in my wardrobe, so I know I’ll be using them a lot. They are made in cotton, so that makes them an ok choice if you care about nature. I tried on a cute top with the same print, but as it was in polyester I passed.

I have made pledge to to myself to avoid polyester as much as possible. If I do buy it it’s for an item I know I will barely wash (or chemically rinse). Here I am wearing a tuxedo jacket in polyester crepe, by my own design. Sadly my employer at the time did not allow me to choose the wool kind so this one is in polyester. As I never wash it though (items with lining should always be chemically rinsed), it goes well along my own rules for this fabric.

I’m currently having fun with redoing our home for Christmas. I’m totally crazy about it and more is more is clearly my philosophy in this matter. Big pine wreaths and disco bulbs. You name it, I’ve got it. But the prettiest “thing” of them all will always be our dear cat. We love her to pieces and she fits any decoration to a tee.

The trousers are from H&Ms current collection.

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