Dress like spring, smile like summer!

Uncategorized / Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

I can barely find words for how wonderful it is to finally feel warmth from the sun, and see bare pavements here and there. One thing is skiing in the Alpes – the winter is welcome there all year around – it’s quite another sliding around on dirty piles of ice everywhere, in the middle of the city when April is approaching. You have to be a very special kind of winter-happy not to get a bit grumpy over that.

So, when you’ve purchased yellow tights and shoes, and have had to stove them away in waiting for bare streets, its pretty obvious that the smile was extra broad today, now that spring seem to be gracing us with its presence.

The sun wasn’t just pretend warm today, so it those shoes could come out from hiding at last. The earrings, in one of my all-time favourite colour turquoise, gave the outfit another push towards spring.

If you are to take one tip from this, it would be coloured shoes. I know many of you have invested in coloured trainers, but what about a pair that is a little dressed-up as well? I like these in particular, because they have a solid heal. I think stilettos are incredibly pretty to look at, but oh-my how much more practical it is with heels like these!

Have a lovely easter-weekend everyone!

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