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Uncategorized / Monday, March 11th, 2019

Last week ended on a high cultural note, thanks to the vernissage of Christian Hauge and his Residence of Impermanence, in Galleri Fineart at Aker brygge, and the a trippel fashionshow, held at Sentralen in Oslo, the day after. These fashion shows were the closest the Oslo-audience came to a “fashion week” after Oslo Runway decided to drop their shows this season . Here 3 brands were represented, all with their own, distinct profile and dna.

Michael Olestad

Olestad opend the show, with a runway that was resting on little else than the designers own creations. Which was smart. Here we were served beautiful handcraft, sensual textiles, flowing drapes and sharp cuts. To mix that many elements would be risky for many, but Olestad does it wonderfully well. The colourpallet was sober and laid-back, with the exception of some cornflower blue and peach injections. The accessories, in contrasting, glamorous strass, was the final touch in a show that, to my opinion, should bring Olestad to the next level. Bravo!


The show format to HAIKW/ was in large parts colored by the narrator, that read us through each outfits, giving us the information of everything from material composition, to in- anode-prices, as well as details of the different seamers to every item. Brave and forward thinking. The collection itself was also colored by a will to forward thinking, as we have come to know this brand. The collection was picking inspiration from active sport and felt as something that was meant for an active lifestyle as well. Personally I think that the collection would have benefited from a slightly more sober look at details and design-points, but for the young, active avant-garse it was probably just right.

Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen

This show, for fall/winter 2019 bears a clear connection to the previous season. Here we see familiar elements of punk, avant-garde and an inspiring ability to break the standards. Some of the dresses are truly beautiful, and would fit many, due to clever use of drapes and frills. Thorbjørnsen is also picking her inspiration from classical menswear however, and so has to accept being judged by the strict rules for tailoring, fit and attention to details that this fields require. She doesn’t always hit that mark. Laces, belts and hooks are softening some small imperfections here, so that the collection asa hole, appears edgy, elegant and usable.

All pictures by me


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