Endless summer

Uncategorized / Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

It’s still here, summer! But it’s drawing its final breath up here north, so we should enjoy it as much as we can before it bids us farewell. Oslo is such a cool place in August so there are a million different ways to do just that. One suggestion is dressing in a robe that celebrates all things summer: Blue notes, romance and flowers.
A grand flowerbed like here, is of course the perfect back-drop to show it off. The strappy red stilettos however, only works in the photo. IRL they are a disaster. But what don’t you do for a good picture 😉
Red glasses and lips and dangly earrings works to edge up the romance of the dress. I love how the colours pop against each other. When fall arrives I think I might still wear the dress, but then with a brown turtleneck and opaque tights. It will be a good way to keep my new find from a boring life in the back of my closet.

Dress: H&M

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