Fashion is out of style, but style is not out of fashion!

FASHION, MISCELLANEOUS / Thursday, April 9th, 2015

When I first started writing for fineforfourty, my first entry link here was discussing the end of fashion. Since then, the much renowned trend forecaster Li Edelkoort released a manifest called “Anti Fashion” link here this March. Here she gives ten reasons why fashion is obsolete. Some 18 months later I tend to agree very much with what she is saying.

If you have a little time, try reading Li’s manifest. It is, of course, interesting. Below I give you my ideas on the matter.

At the very core of fashion lies its root in society: Any major fashion change has come as result of changing ideas in it. Or to simplify: fashion has at all times been about seeking what is hardest to obtain. In tough times the biggest ideal has been to look rich. See the style of the barock era and read about the history of the time. See Dior’s New Look right after the war, when everybody was dirt poor and even fabrics were hard to come by. Fast forward to the happy 80’s and everything has been turned upside down. “Everybody” is rich and the western world is a flush with prosperity. What’s the fashion? Ripped jeans, messy hairs and neon colours (inspired by low-price signs?). We all somehow strive to look poor!

Now what would you say about the 2015’s fashion? It’s hard to interpret, right? Why? Because that is exactly the point?! These days the democratisation of fashion has reached so wide (in the western world) that just about anybody can wear the “latest fashion”. The thresholds are no longer there! So what does fashion do? First of all by de-throning the fashion moguls themselves. The high-end brands are no longer the drivers of fashion, the bloggers are! And then these react by creating ridiculously difficult ideals that are so hard to understand, only a small elite is clever enough to dissect it! . So what do you get then? You get weird, at best, shapes, clashing prints, ridiculous handbags and even weirder shoes. And it’s all done to exclude Mrs. Normal from the fashion-pack. This year’s trend, the culottes, are a good example of what I mean.


How does one react to these circumstances? By letting fashion go on about its own business and simply returning to good-old-fashioned style. There are so many well dressed women out there to take cue from, but should you need some inspiration, watch for Nichole Kidman’s everyday outfits, Audrey Hepburn (of course!), or have a look at Carrie Mulligan for a slightly more edgy look. They manage to get it right every time!



I don’t mean by this that you should not be adventurous and try on different looks. Furthermore I don’t think that a personal, quirky style is no longer cool! I simply think one should think for oneself and not be terrorised into thinking I must like – for instance culottes – to be considered fashionable!  You see, fashion might actually be out of style, but style is certanly not out of fashion!


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