Fathers Day!

FASHION, PERSONAL STYLE / Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Fathers Day in Norway. Another invention of commercial forces and therefor something one should simply overlook, maybe? Well, the fathers in my life did not receive any gifts today, but they both got some well deserved praise. Cause that really doesn’t hurt now, does it? Neither does it hurt to have a reason to give each other some special treats.
Getting outside I realised I’m matching the last bit of fall, in my mustard and cream colored ensemble. It’s me and the fall leaves below 😉 Every item I’m wearing is old (except the shoes), but that is how it should be most of the time, right? My coat is second hand (Tara Jarmon) – not vintage. If an item is less than 20 years its per definition not Vintage, its second hand. Yeah, I know, second hand sound a lot less posh, but right should be right, non?
Our walk through Oslo was simply magical, with the low sun, last fall leaves and old houses with moss on the roof(!)
Getting inside to the swanky dining room of the National Museum was quite a contrast. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Oslo: beautiful interior and great food.



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