Fourties in shorts?

Uncategorized / Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Where is that fine line. That line that tells you you have now stepped over a certain threshold and can no longer wear so and so. I have no idea!

One thing is clear though, without some regard for your age, wearing certain items might emphasise it more than making you younger. Shorts are a good example. Below you see me in a pair. I decided for it, because it is such a fun companion for my beloved cerise shirt. I love that one so much I’m delighted every time I find something new to wear it with. The opaque tights are of course a help, but I was actually still debating them walking out the door.

The fact that my teenage daughter sanctioned them tipped me over. Sometime a critical teen is actually all you need…

The statue Im standing by can be found at Ekenbergparken. This one in particular was mesmerising! The face is carved into the stone and changes perspective as you go passed it. Wonderful! And so is of course Mother nature as well. Take a look at the nearby surroundings. The spring flowers everywhere are as beautiful as any work of art!



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