Happy New Year

blackandwhite, Christmas, FASHION, fashionoverforty, party, PERSONAL STYLE / Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019
Glam, glitter, glamour – and a long evening dress. Hello New Years Eve!


Thank you so much for following me in 2017! It has been a year of the challenging kind, but in here – at my blog – things have been unusually warm. It will soon bee about 500 of you that want to read about my fashion world, and that is really big to me.

Even bigger is my nomination in the fashion-category of Vixen Influencer awards. “I never would have believed that” is the kind of frases one delivers now and then, but for me it is completely like that. I never believed would have predicted that!

THANK YOU for nominating me! That makes me so very happy. And should you like to vote me into the final 5, you can do it here )

But you don’t need any nominations of any kind to look forward to a coming New Years Celebration! I hope you will be celebrating properly tonight! Personally I’ll be hosting our own dinner party, and I am truly looking forward to that. The turkey is currently in the oven, the cake is ready and the table is about to be set.

Glamour with a dash of humour I
Glamour with a dash of humour II
Glamour with a dash of humour III

This dress is bought at Manillusion, several years ago, but still feels lovely up-to-date. You can’t very well dress in a robe like this every day, but for New Years its perfect.

I also think that a couple of disco bulbs are the perfect accessory for a party like this. Besides, they also make the roses a little less serious. I allowed for a bottle of crémant to be opened for the the pictures yesterday, but tonight we’ll let the champagne pop.



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