Holiday cheers

Uncategorized / Friday, December 9th, 2016

I simply adore Christmas! The romance that follows stirs my heart deeply. Come first of December and I’m so very ready for it all. I do try to hold back for a while though, as I don’t want to bring out the big guns before Christmas and be bored with it ahead of time. I decorate a little bit in the beginning and then close to the actual celebration I decorate in full bloom. It is a bit like this with the outfit below as well. I’ve been wanting to wear this combination for a long time now, but it had to be December with all its reds before it felt right.
My living room is going through a metamorphose towards The Big Day, with white sheets sewn to cover up our bold upholstery to better fit the reds and greens of Christmas. The little corner with my toddlers Christmas calendar has had a thorough make-over though.



The cerise of my silk shirt from Antrohologie felt very bold when I bought it some years ago. Now it is almost common… The red of my skirt is not that outrageous on its own, but teamed with my skirt, it has a real stand out effect. Fitting Christmas and a girls night out well, n’est ce pas?



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