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Uncategorized / Thursday, October 26th, 2017

It’s wrap up time guys! Leaves are falling and the trick is to keep warm in some sort of stylish way. Personally I’m not a huge fan of layering. It’s building a lot volume to any body and normally I like to keep some sort of silhuett, even though the temperatures are falling.  That is still true, but once in a blue moon I like to shake things up a bit. So here I am, trying out the new down jacket of my teenager.
Yeah – I know: teenager…! Poor family doesn’t get to keep their clothes to themselves. Once it’s my husbands scarf, next is my daughters jacket. But I simply had to try on that volume and the cocooning feel it gives. If anything I can leave those layers at home, cause its keeping me warm with only a top underneath
There is one more point to this exercise, and that’s to test how a grown woman can work this into her wardrobe. (And by this I mean a puffer jacket. But I refuse to call it that.) As you see here, I suggest you keep the rest of the outfit slim and long. Here  I’m wearing my latex thighs and high-heeled boots. That prevents me from turning into a blob. if I want to wear wide trouser or a skirt I would never ever go for a jacket like this. But with all my slim trousers it works.
And the red of it is a true mood lifter! It goes right along with the red of the leaves outside 😉

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