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FASHION / Monday, March 16th, 2015

Are you really certain you need that new pair of jeans? Sure it fits your bum perfectly and – yes – it is oh-so comfortable. But is it really lifting your spirit, making you see yourself anew? I have a wild suggestion: why not try something different this season?! There are so many other silluettes and fun items to play with, that here I am, officially daring you!

For starters there is the full flare, full bloom skirt as seen at Michael Kors, Dior – and numerous bloggers out there. It draws inspiration from the 50s New Look and so is nothing new. It’s following a trend that started several seasons ago, but it still feels fresh and womanly and works an antidote to all the paired down, just-thrown-together look that we’ve seen so long now. Wearing this look, instantly make you look feminine, with that emphasise on the waist. Make it modern and not too dressed up with a simple T or a tucked-in mens-shirt.

Left: Michael Kors, centre; chiara Ferragni, right; BeaLady

Next look is more challenging. It’s full of saturated colours and rich in patterns. Just my cup of tea! It’s not the obvious choice for spring, but I guess that is also why it feels exciting. The designers clips shown here are for inspiration. You can take just parts of this and make it yours. With a patterned top or skirt/trousers you can easily mix it with white or black to tone things down. But the real wow effect is created by mixing patterns and colors like they do in these images. Lastly, the use of black as background color – not white as one normally does for spring – that saturated effect comes full circle.

Left: Valentino, centre; Burberry, right; Céline

Last look for now is having yet another moment around the sun: the 70s flared trousers. We who were young adults in the 90s saw it in another moment then and might be done with it. I am not one of those gals. I love how these trousers make you look sleek and womanly, and this time around particularly like when it’s done in combination with a hight waist. If you struggle with an…erh…full belly…like me, try looking for a pair with a side opening instead. It will keep your front in check and make you look long and lean.

right: Balmain, centre; Pucci, right; Diane Von Furstenberg


There are so many other looks to play with this spring. Im sure I’ll visit those further into the season. My goal here was to push you out of your comfort zone and into something wearable, yet a little different. And if your fear that reeling old ghost telling you it’s vain to dress up, take a que from the Queen of flamboyance herself, Cindy Lauper: “on my darkest days, I wear my brightest colours”. On that note: dare to shine dear reader!









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