Light in the dark

Uncategorized / Sunday, November 13th, 2016

So it is here. November. One of the darkest months of the year. Not colorful fall and not joyful Christmas. How to cope? Netflix, hot cocoa, red wine, books (for those who have the time for that) and candles, of course. Staying long in bed is clearly one of the perks too, but that is a luxury that doesn’t come easy for a mum of a toddler.
Today, we were given some time from my teenagers though, and that was simply heaven. I dearly needed the rest, because my last days were spent with my oldest daughter and her class in Berlin. It was a great learning lesson of war-time cruelties and post-war DDR oppression, but also an exhausting time as an around-the-clock watch guard…
The comfy outfit was found there, during some few hours I had on my own. The top is from Zara and the stretch fake-leather skirt from Bershka. Just what the doctor prescribed for this moody time of the year,


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