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MISCELLANEOUS, party, PERSONAL STYLE / Friday, November 15th, 2019

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Love yourself, they say. But what does that really mean? Those words are so much easier to serve to others than to yourself. But what if you started there? What if you taught yourself to be as kind to yourself as you would be with a dear friend? With that dust in the corners, those extra pounds, or your children that simply refuse to do as you say? Wouldn’t your friend say that your house looks cosy, that those pounds simply are there because you enjoy life, or that your children aren’t any worse than hers? I know from experience that it’s easier to say such things to others than to yourself. But your can train your inner speech to be nicer. I think that is worth a round of exercise – or ten. Those worries are more than enough in their own right, anyway!

But what if those lines in your face at the very least wasn’t one of them? What if there were products around that tightens where it’s hanging and smoothes out where wrinkles are about to settle for good? I’m so lucky to have been allowed to try out the new “Juvenance Epigen” series from Juvena, and can tell you that then this is the one you should try! The series contains active ingredients like Sea buckthorn extract and freshwater algae, that both contribute to redesign and stimulate your skin to tighten and improve it.

Juvenance Epigen, Lifting anti-wrinkle day cream & Lifting anti-wrinkle night cream.
The series doesn’t only give impressive results, it also looks really beautiful too!

The way I’ve notices this on my own skin is the following: After about 3 weeks of use, my skin is noticeably smoother to touch, some lines that was about to settle for good, on the left side of my forehead, are visibly less prominent, and last – but not definitely not least – that particularly-not-welcome sag under my chin has tightened up. My skin is otherwise sensitive and dry and is noticeably activated by the products, because this is potent stuff! Therefore I start my day with a shower and then layering on serum and cream. Thereafter I let my skin rest during breakfast, before I apply a thin layer of make-up. Then I do the same routine, reversed, at night.

Small, magical drops of , “Juvenance Epigen”, Lifting anti-wrinkle serum.

The toughest test to date – and the result – was proven on last Sunday. Then I had both gone late to bed, and had more than a little wine, the night before Still, with the before-mentioned-routine, I can say, cross my heart, that I looked astonishingly fresh and awake, when I was ready to meet the day. The ampuls “3D Line Filler Serum” I used as a intensive cure, for a week, and the Cinderella mask “Express firming & smoothing bio-fleece mask” I used the night before, have to share some of the glory, but still, it’s the Juvenance Epigen series I’ve used the longest.

Then I’ll add in the end anyway, that a smooth face doesn’t eclipse all sorrows. A smiling face is, after all, still the best thing you can dress yourself in. And then it really applies to exercise self-love: if you don’t, it’s not always easy to muster up a smile. Because, did you know, that a smile, in the end is the best advice against wrinkles? You see, if you don’t use your facial muscles sufficient, for instance for a smile, they collapse and are dragged downward.

Whichever cream you use: your smile is your biggest asset!

So I think I’ll end with the following proposal: Mix equal parts self-love and generous smiles, and stir in a dose of Epigen Juvenance, from Juvena, and then you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

Good luck!

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