FASHION, PERSONAL STYLE / Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Ever since Carrie pranced into our living rooms through the now TV-historic “Sex and the City” series, matching has been a thing of trouble. Miss Bradshaw’s wardrobe consisted of carefully clashing ensembles so artfully put together we all wanted to look like her. Her tousled hair, surprising outfits and fabulous shoes had us all trying to achieve the same couldn’t-care-less attitude. An other not-exactly-less-important inspiration, Miss Kate Moss has also, with her genius of rock n’roll attitude, high-end designer picks and an admiringly lasse-fair demeanour, made the whole matching idea feeling obsolete. But does it really have to be? Is it time we let the good old fashion polished look a try?

Personally I kind of never left the idea. The Carrie or Kate look requires a wardrobe with extensive choices to work. You cannot put just about anything together and hope it works. With matching things could be a little easier. I’m underscoring could, because here you can also go badly wrong. If you overmatch an outfit you’ll easily end up looking like the Queens mum.

So here’s a few guidelines I go by myself: when matching It’s nice to have two main colours. That’s more or less the point of it, right? But then you need to play a little. A pattern that takes up the main colours are fun and possibly also a requirement. And last but not least, you should try and clash/put in a third color to freshen things up. Example: In the below outfit I could put my mustard beanie on – it matches the scarf perfectly – but that would have made the whole outfit tip over into mumsy land. So, instead I put a cream hood and gloves to keep the look fresh.

The whole look is from old finds in my closet, btw: The coat is vintage (with sewn-on new buttons), trousers from Marlene Birger, leopard top that is at least 12 years old, and some accessories from H&M. See, matching can be fun – and cheap!





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