Me and my kitchen

FASHION, PERSONAL STYLE / Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Designing an outfit after your latest kitchen remodelling? Not quite the obvious choice but none the less what I seem to do lately…

We have recently moved in and remodelled our new home her in Oslo. After a lot of work we are finally coming to something that seems close to the finishing line. Thank God! Happy as I am with the result, I decided to take the pictures for this entry in our kitchen. How hilarious it was to see the pictures after the take: I completely match the room! Even the stack of the colours on me and in the kitchen is the same: Black at the bottom, wood brown at the middle and green at the top (ok – at least some green sprinkles in the room).

Anyway, kitchen or not, the outfit works for me. The sweater is new, even though it is several season old Acne. Having lusted after it when it was “in season” but never gotten round to buying it, my delight was profound when I found it at Acne Archives here is Oslo. It is cropped and therefor fits the high waist skirt from McQueen perfectly. The belt that I found in Shanghai, the shoes from Clarks and some cute earrings from I-don’t-remember-where completes the look.




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