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FASHION, fashionoverforty, PERSONAL STYLE / Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Taking stylenotes from previous generations is fun. To me though, wearing retro styles is a bit like walking a thin line. If you build your whole outfit – dress, shoes, hair and make-up – through the same theme, there is a real risk you end looking like an extra for a periodic drama. I guess most girls looking like that aren’t aiming for that effect, but it is none the less the risk. Furthermore you may also create a certain distance, because the complete look ends being a bit out-of-this-world and alienate people slightly. That doesn’t mean you can’t take style notes from latter days beauty queens. But why not update it so that it blends slightly more in with today’s style?




My own version is to make sure the shoes, hair and make-up are updated. Here I’m wearing pointy, silver pumps that offer that modern twist. Also I’m not wearing red lips, which would be the obvious choice. Natural lips take the dressed-up look down a bit, and then I can wear the bright red sunglasses instead. And then my day surely will be a happy one.

Outfit from Manillusion, glasses from Le Specs, shoes Ricco Vero

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