Old clothes, new outfits

blackandwhite, everydayclothing, fashionoverforty, PERSONAL STYLE / Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Who in Norway can honestly say that they don’t have enough clothes? Not many! Most of us have more than enough. But we tire of them anyway. We wish for new stuff and stop using the old. This cycle can be part of a healthy wish to present you as your best, most updated self, but most of the time its more connected to old habits getting in the way, and a lack of creativity

I cannot claim to have a small wardrobe myself. But those who have have visited are time and again surprised by it not being bigger. That has all to do with how I use my clothes. I spend a lot of creativity to create new outfits in new ways. If I come up with a new twist, every new item becomes new to me. This outfit is an example.

The sweater from Alexander McQueen, that is old is still as nice as when I got it. But I feel like I din’t use it enough. Today I found a new way of using it.: Together with my wide trousers from H&M Collection and the belt from Maje I got a new outfit that will use a lot.

When you wish for new outfits out of your old clothes accessories are everything. I have a lot of accessories… These earrings were bough at Accessories for just about nothing.

Do you think making new out of old is difficult? Or do you struggle with shopping or your general style? I can help you! Under the page “Personal styling” you’ll find an overview over what I have to offer – to which prices. I hope I hear from you!

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