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The little black dress is a classic and hence a sure investment, if you want a dress for the many occasions. At this time, last year, I wrote an article about it. (see it here), and which Norwegian versions you should choose then. This year I want to inspire you to wear it in so many ways you can stretch it through the whole festive season, ig you want.

Den lille sorte
This dress is 10 years old. It is just as relevant now, due to a good fit and clever drapings. It is the base for all the outfits below.
With bling enough for New Years Eve. All glittery stuff are treasure from my closet, save for the new belt, that was found at Zara.
Glitter & glam? Yes please!

Here I’ve found all that glimmers in my closet and composed and party-ready outfit for those big occasions. Personally I like glitter and glam for those pre-Christmas parties or New Years Eve, but I don’t shy away from some everyday glitter, if I’m in the mood for that.

Yellow is fun, all year around, also to a strap- and seasonless-dress
A dash of sensibility (the wool top) and a pinch of glamour.

With a yellow turtleneck and a blazer, the dress gets toned down for a Christmas lunch at the office, or an important business meeting. If yellow is not your colour, find the one for you, that makes you shine.

Everything – also The LBD – gets more festive with a party ready “tiara”.
You’ll be hard pressed to find anything quite as Christmas as this.

[advert] With a headband from Zuzanna G and pearls on a string, you get yet another festive look, for those glittery parties.

At Villa Paradiso, at Grünerløkka, you’ll find Italian party spirit, all year around.
Still the same dress. This time used as a skirt
A little dressed up, a little snug, at the same time.

A slim, black dress like this, can easily be used as a skirt. Whichever cardigan – or sweater for that matter – can be used over, and hence tones down the festive look. In that way you are dressed for a girlfriend coffee-date or Christmas shopping.

The Espresso st Tim Wenedbos cafè, is simply the best at Grünerløkka.
Look what I found! Everyone gets a little curious when you dress up and go out. Also Korean Marines. .

Last, but no least, your can meak the dress prim and proper, but stil party ready, by adding a buttoned-up shirt or blouse. Personally I would have opted for this, for the family-dinner, or another important arrangement at work.

Good luck with your dress! I hope I inspired you to find many new options for yours.

Photos: Irene Utgård Jakobsen

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