Opposites attract?

FASHION, fashionoverforty, PERSONAL STYLE / Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Matching primary colors is risky. It somehow feels a bit childish. The other day though, I still found myself dressing up in blue and yellow. Very Swedish, n’est-ce-pas? I have nothing against Sweden, but paying tribute to them through dressing is perhaps a bit much – me being Norwegian and all?img_2188
I think I get away with it though, because the mustard-yellow of my beanie and scarf has a lot of black and red in it, and the cyan-blue has a lot of yellow. In that way there are something else than just opposites in the mix
Turned out Akershus Festning, “Skansen” and I agreed on the coloring that day.img_2141
My wool coat, bought on my many trips to China is getting old, but still feels fresh with its cocoon shape and raw edges. It needs high heels though, so my knee-high ones are a great mix.
img_2274Snow has settled in Oslo. It’s beautiful too, but I’m glad I got to enjoy this last autumn day in Oslo. Let the winter come!

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