Colour in the age of Corona

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These are special times. The home-office that almost all are placed in , is challenging our self. We are forced out of the safety of the routine that our jobs give us, and risk having to see ourselves in a new, unfamiliar light. I fully understand that it feels good to go a bit easy […]

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Magical smiles & skincare


[ad for Juvena] Love yourself, they say. But what does that really mean? Those words are so much easier to serve to others than to yourself. But what if you started there? What if you taught yourself to be as kind to yourself as you would be with a dear friend? With that dust in […]

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One dress, 5 outfits

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Here I’ve found all that glimmers in my closet and composed and party-ready outfit for those big occasions. Personally I like glitter and glam for those pre-Christmas parties or New Years Eve, but I don’t shy away from some everyday glitter, if I’m in the mood for that. With a yellow turtleneck and a blazer, […]

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Falls best stylingtips

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In a time where fashion perhaps should’t be called fashion anymore, but some parallel ideas and expressions, it might be silly to try and offer common references across these. But after having studied the collections for the season, some mutual ideas was so clearly appearing, that they must be called trends. I take pleasure in […]

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Postcard from Reims

comfy, party, pattern, PERSONAL STYLE

Champagne! The name is, by and large, associated by as certain bubbly drink, but is so much more than the famous beverage! It is also a region in France and birthplace to my husband. For the latter reason I have visited several times the last years. Not surprisingly I’ve visited several champagne houses, and tastet […]

July 25, 2018

A tourist in Oslo


Summer is upon us. Oslo is hot like a southern paradise, with streets and squares more like places I’ve only visited during my vacations. There is not much to be sorry about. Nut, to gather ones thoughts around work can be challenging. Then its good to have weekends! We have spent those well this last […]

July 1, 2018

Dress like spring, smile like summer!


I can barely find words for how wonderful it is to finally feel warmth from the sun, and see bare pavements here and there. One thing is skiing in the Alpes – the winter is welcome there all year around – it’s quite another sliding around on dirty piles of ice everywhere, in the middle […]

March 22, 2018