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everydayclothing, FASHION, fashionoverforty, pattern, PERSONAL STYLE / Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

It’s not often that dream matches reality. On days like that, life finds its own rhythm, the pulse drops and one lives through the senses. Sunday was such a day.

I had seen the weather forecast several days in advance and knew I wanted something special out of the day. After a slow brunch, we headed towards The Frogner park, grass, water, and flowers. We found a spot close to the little lake, centrally placed in the park, and let the calm embrace us. To ours, and our little girls delight, we were witnessing a swan with its nest close by. She had build her nest on a floating device and was calmly looking after her eggs.

This was undoubtedly a day for a romantic dress. There was still a little bite in the air though, so it felt appropriate with a lightweight shirt underneath. Pattern-mixing is fun, but if you are a little on the fence about it, try starting with matching colours. Here the colours of the two items are so close, that the stripes of the shirts only add a little firmness to the outfit. Just right for a mild Sunday.

It’s allready Tuesday, but with the sun still very much present, that Sunday feeling is still lingering a bit.

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