Postcard from Reims

comfy, party, pattern, PERSONAL STYLE / Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Champagne! The name is, by and large, associated by as certain bubbly drink, but is so much more than the famous beverage! It is also a region in France and birthplace to my husband. For the latter reason I have visited several times the last years. Not surprisingly I’ve visited several champagne houses, and tastet the drink in rich abundance… But to also contains the Cathedral in the region capital of Reims. It is really worth a visit!

The cathedral contains, among other things, a chapel in Joan og Arcs honour and beautiful glass paintings of March Chagall.

Myself, I was dressed for a summer pary with my French in-laws. The summer dress from last year works  as well this year as last, of course. As I avoid bying too trendy items, as much as I can, that was easy. If your read my article with advices about what to buy on sales -her- you’ll find some good tips on what to buy on sale.

Other than that, I wish you a wonderful rest-of-summer-vacation!



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