Production development

An efficient operation in the fashion business is no coincident and doesn’t come on its own. Many start their own company because they have a great wish to show and sell to the world their creations and visions, and hope to gain success through talent alone. That seldom works. A deep understanding of the pulse in the business is vital to any success and there are no shortcuts. Below you find a visual representation of the different milestones throughout a year, and what those take of before- and after preparations. It is made to fit Norwegian Fashionweeks. Other fashion weeks throughout the world are operating at other times, but the before-and afterwork doesn’t change.

The work of a designer, product developer of buyer will as a general rule include this:

  1. Design collections
  2. Production trips
  3. Product development
  4. Photoshoot

For the value-creation of the designer to be optimised during this face, there must be simultaneous sales activities that are linked to the activities of the production development. This will normally mean:

  1. Booking of meetings
  2. Fair activities
  3. Sales
  4. Sales for existing collections
  5. Planning of next fashion weeks

Without these sales activities the production development will at large be without value, because you aren’t much without customer service, contact and sales.

My contribution

I have long and wide experience with all the steps of this process, and can help you in your small business, or large firm. My field of expertise is the development of collection, from the birth of the idea through to the finished product. I can work analogue, like seen above, but I mostly work in Photoshop or Illustrator to make:

  1. Moodboards
  2. Color-scales
  3. Print-development
  4. Flats
  5. Measurement charts


I have also long experience in branding and can help you with 

  1. New og adjusted brand strategy
  2. New og adjusted logo

Below some examples of logos I’ve made:



Last but least I have very valuable productioncontacts in Italy and China

Depending on your goal and piece level we will determine which of these production contacts are best suited to your need and help you get started with them. Below some snapshots from some of the many trips I’ve made to Shanghai these last years.