Pyjama time

comfy, FASHION, fashionoverforty, orange, pattern, PERSONAL STYLE, Pyjama / Sunday, September 24th, 2017

It’s Sunday Funday right? Or as other might put it: time-to-kick-of-your-shoes-and-get-into-those-comfy-sweatpants -day. I agree with the kick-off-your-shoes part, but with the sweatpants,  not so much. In fact I disagree to such an extend that I don’t own a single pair. That’s right,_not-one. Siltch. Nada. Why? I simply think their ugly. And I don’t like feeling ugly.

But as I briefly passed by above, that doesn’t mean I don’t like comfort. Of course I like comfort! So when I came by this gorgeous pair of daytime pyjama set I was all in.

Except for a tiny detail: I would never wear this outside. I know fashion says I should. But I won’t. As much as I like all the small well done details: the black piping, the covered buttons, the pockets – it’s still a pyjamas to me. And wearing a pyjamas in broad daylight would feel awkward. And I don’t like feeling awkward.FullSizeRender 2
But Sunday it is, and inside I am (after a long walk), so bring on the comfort! Have a relaxing Sunday evening, everyone 😉

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