Røffe rypers røverfest

FASHION, fashionoverforty, PERSONAL STYLE / Sunday, October 15th, 2017

I love a good party! And if the party requires a bit of dress-up I love it even more. Obviously, I had a lot of fun last night, as I got both! Well, in fact the party in question wasn’t really a dress-up party, but was themed such that I decided it was for me, anyway. 😉 Røffe rypes Røverfest (which could be something like Rough Raskels Robber-party), was simply a too good title not to play with!

So here I am trying to be badass. Not sure it’s very convincing, but I had fun with it, and that is the most important thing.

Of course I had to bare having people staring at me when getting to the party. That was probably down to the headscarf. Typically the thing you don’t wear if you can’t take attention…
FullSizeRender 2
There wasn’t much thieving or robbery-feel to the party table, however. It was just stunning, both by sight and taste. What a treat! The party girl herself was in a bubbly mood, along with all the other pretty ladies attending. But the rest of that story I leave to us – and us only 😉
Thank you for having me!

Trio picture by Disa Magnusdottir

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