Something old, something new, something b..sewed, something blue

Christmas, DIY, mydesign, party / Monday, December 3rd, 2018

The expression usually linked to brides covers my entry so well this time, that I had to use it. I haven’t borrowed anything though. I have sewed.

Everything started with me destroying a sweater in wash. I am naturally very causious when doing my laundry: I sort and keep it going to maintain the quality of our clothes for as long as I can. But this time the washing machine, was stubbornly hung on fine-wash and I surrendered. I shouldn’t have. Out came the sweater, three times as little as before. My first thought was to send it directly to recirculating. But then it occurred to me: I could re-do it for my daughter! She loves Elsa from the Frozen film, so a light blue sweater had to be a win. And as I had decided to dig out my sewiwgmachine once again, I decided I might as well go all-in and sew her an Elsa-dress as well.

I am lucky to have a store like Rainbow textile nearby. Elas own dress is full of glitter and crystals, so things Im not naturally drawn to was really important now. At Rainbow not only did I find matching materials for dress and cape, I also found so great iron-on crystals and bands that were perfect to give the dress that extra touch of magic. The rest of the palettes was seen on by hand…..

After having measured and counted and sewing with the slight feeling og being blindfolded, because of no access to the actual model, it was truly great to see the stars in her eyes when she unpacked her present, at Christmas eve. It didn’t hurt much that the dress fitted like it should as well….

The wool sweater, with sen-on crystals and tulle had to accept playing second fiddle. A dash of tulle and rocks works wonders as everyday adornments, but cannot compete with a cape and shiny dress-satin. The main objective for this mum was still kept though: A happy four-year-old and the re-use of lovely wool.

Continue enjoying your Christmas everyone!

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