Sugercoated orange

Uncategorized / Sunday, October 29th, 2017

Orange is making it big at the fashion scene at the moment. For anyone that has always loved it, to the point where the hall-walls in our house and the couch is chosen in that color, is almost weird how it is everywhere right now. But at the same time it is strange how I simply cannot find that orange trouser that I have looked for for years now. So settling for a skirt had to do
The great thing about it is that it is inn boiled wool, meaning I will get to keep it for a long time. And I love the 60s trapeze shape. I guess fashion will tire of orange, but I will not.
Teaming it with another color that is having an even bigger moment, baby pink, was my plan from the moment I bought the sweater. I’m not naturally wearing lot of pastels shades, so I feel more at home in his sugary color once it is teamed with the brightly lit orange.
We have imported the Halloween tradition lately. Some feel is is strange but I simply adore watching my teenagers joy over spending weeks preparing for parties and how my little three-year-old is giddy with happiness over the dress-up and all the candy. Personally I have yet another reason to love orange. 😀
Even without Halloween, fall is my absolute favourite season in Oslo. The crispness of the air simply fits the big city perfectly. And today a blessed sun was shining upon Oslo as my husband and I were taking our Sunday walk. I don’t have much more wishes for a day off.  Have a lovely evening everyone!


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