The irony of fashion

FASHION, PERSONAL STYLE / Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Do you sometimes think fashion is ridiculous? I do!
At times it even does not make much sense.

Take the case of tights for instance: these days there is one rule that – to the fashion pack – should not be broken at any cost, and it goes: do not wear skin colored tights! The myth is that it makes your gams look bigger and trunk-like. Ok, I have to admit that if you go for the cheapest kind on the market, and – say – in a color that is far from your own, they do have a point. But c’mon! This is coming from the same crowd that will do anything to camouflage the flaws in their faces with whatever foundation there is! Can you please then tell me why we should not be allowed to want to cover our legs a little? I mean it is not always the most pretty sight. Take the example of Julianne Moore below. She is a stunning woman, and the shape of her legs are enviable. But the detailing and color of them aren’t all that great.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 6.35.51 PM

I read an article from an English author about the matter. It was two whole pages long and dealt with how NY women would walk –  in the middle of freezing winter – in bare legs! The author set out to copy them, but concluded she could not. There’s a shocker! Why would any woman be swayed into believing that that’s the way to go?! I therefore cannot but conclude that this must be a conspiracy from some elite crowd that, first: have perfect long and beautiful legs, second: are immune to bliping winter cold and last but not least have the will to terrorise the rest of us into believing we must “bare all” or be covered completely to be in the clear. In that way they can bask in the glory of their beautiful gams, while the rest of us secretly curse our lesser blessed ones.

What then, to make of the quite incomprehensible counterpart: the sock or tights in sandals?! To the same fashion elite it seems there is nothing prettier – or more fashionable – than tucking a pair of socks into your sandals. Now that is something I guess a lot of you would regard with – at best – suspicion or at worst downright head shakes. That is the trickery of fashion at it’s most annoying! You try and decipher the current do’s and don’ts and all you get is coded messages.

Personally I’ll admit I kind of like this particular bending of right and wrong, but will say that it can be a tricky look to pull of. The two below nailed it!


Now that we’re in the awkward phase that is not quite summer, not quite fall, I think this look is a good one to turn to. Below is my version of it:


So what to make of all these seemingly incomprehensible rules? Personally, next occasion it’s time to bare our legs, I’ll be the one covered in a sheer and confidence-building veil of skin-colored tights. And about tights/socks in sandals – well – that one I already covered.

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