FASHION, PERSONAL STYLE / Sunday, December 14th, 2014

The last few weeks have been like a long desert walk, with a demanding refurbishing home project and a non-sleeping baby at night. Not something I would recommend… Needless to say there has hardly been any time to dress up, left alone actually blogging about it!
But last evening I had two pre-Christmas party invitations, and it was time to break the spell.

To celebrate the occasion, I debuted my new black dress. It is slim with 3/4 long sleeves and a demure décolleté. The little almost hidden attraction of it is some small bust-decoration-seams that takes it from blah to wow. At least to me. This dress will see a million different accessories in its lifetime, but for its first night out I skipped them and let the dress shine on its own.

Except for a certain pair of glasses. They are new. And dearly needed. I’m getting old.

Can a woman have too many LBDs? I doubt it. You’ve heard this before: You can dress it up in any which way you like, and if it has a sleeve, like this one, you can also wear it for a day at the office or a stroll in the park. As my dear friend Sirin at Manillusion (which is where I bought it) said: if you count the times your wear the dress and divided it by the price, you can even go ahead and invest in an expensive one. You’ve heard that one too, haven’t you 😉

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