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fashionoverforty, PERSONAL STYLE / Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Where does that fine line go as to what you can wear, as your age increases? My answer is simply: nowhere! You can wear everything from shorts to miniskirt, as long as you think that reflects who you are and how you want to be perceived (hmmm … herein lyes the problem..). However, note this: Be careful with the qualities you choose, especially when the length decreases or gets tighter. Where young women can get away with polyester and other cheap material, because their skin almost glows on its own, they reflect oh-so-differently on us with a higher age.

Personally I have made a promise to myself to avoid buying synthetic materials as much as possible. First of all they destroy our environment – and that is reason enough on its own – but in addition to being uncomfortable, they are also quite unbecoming. With natural fibers its different. They have another kind of texture and surface and is by far more comfortable to wear.

This outfit consists of a top in viscose and a skirt in cotton-broderie anglaise. The skirt is borrowed from my daughter. For a moment there I wondered if I could wear such a thing, but since the sleeves of the top are long and the top quite covering, the balance worked in the end. And that is my main objective when in doubt: its the balance that determines wether you look like you, or someone you aren’t any more…. My advice: If you’re wearing something really girlie, tone down the rest a bit.

Otherwise, our Grünerløkka-living was giving us its best colours yesterday. The temperature was like a Mediterranean dream, and the dressed up restaurants along Olav Ryes plass was a Cannes promenade worthy. We don’t have much evenings like these in Norway, so they must be enjoyed. I took my husband by the hand and strolled down to one of them

I hope your evening was just as nice. And if not, I think you get another shot at it tonight. Seize it!

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