Twice the fun!


The world doesn’t need another blog. Maybe I should simply shut up indefinitely. Get another interest. Grow another brain. No! I still have things to say about my forever love: fashion.  Yet, we all agree, in this Day of Digital Media, that pictures need to be good. right? That’s why I stopped writing last time. I simply didn’t have a good sollution to the photographer side to blogging. Hence the pause. Now I have!


Let me introduce Agneta Nilsson. She’s a darling, she’s a sass, she’s funny and she’s smart. She sews, she styles, she cooks and she makes caligraphy. Just to mention a few. And she takes great pictures! What’s not to love?





Our first collaboration will be Oslo Runway this week. Agenta is a busy girl, so this time around we won’t be seeing her pictures from the runway. That will have to wait till next season. But she will be my little fly on the wall for my own personal take on the fashion story. Stay tuned!

Skjermbilde 2016-08-22 kl. 20.40.57

PS: another thing I love about Agneta. She doesn’t do casual at all! When she relaxes she does so in style. Only lounge (bodouire) wear will do <3




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