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FASHION, PERSONAL STYLE / Monday, October 13th, 2014

Ever watched Mad Men? Masters of sex? Or simply old movies from the 50s? Then I bet you’ve lusted over some of the fashion from that age. The way it complimented the female form and made (seemingly) any woman into a va-va-voom version of herself is certainly something I wish we had a little more of these days. There is actually a growing community of women that is embracing this style and wearing it every day now. As much as I admire that, to me it would never work: I like far too many styles to be able to commit to just one. Not to mention the fact that the style of today is (quite) a little less high maintenance, and therefore maybe a little more busy-schedule – and thus woman – friendly in the end… But have you given a second look to the working uniform of the wartime Europe? Those pantsuits and overalls? They certainly make a lot of sense even today!

Copyright: Deborah Harmes

Vintage Image of the "We can do it!" Rosie the Riveter Poster by

If you like what you see on these posters, have a look at my overall below. See the resemblance? It can be used for daytime, with flats and for evening with spiky heels. Needless to say it is already my wardrobe favorite! If you want to get something of the same I suggest you make a stop at next time you’re in Oslo. And if you already live here and still haven’t discovered it? Then I’ll say this: enter the store at your own risk: your wallet might suffer…





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  1. Hei. Nå skjønner jeg hvorfor manillusion er min favorittbutikk etter at du sluttet å designe under eget navn. Savner fremdeles nye kolleksjoner med deilige farger fra deg, men klærne har kjempekvalitet, og jeg får fremdeles skryt for dem.

    1. Oj – you just made my day, Christine! For en fantastic tilbakemelding <3 Forøvrig er det godt Manillusion finnes: de gjør oss alltid fine!

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