Wearing black

FASHION, fashionoverforty, PERSONAL STYLE / Monday, September 26th, 2016

Waking up this morning, the rain was pounding on my window and the feeling of fall was everywhere. The natural inclination to dress in deeper colors comes with associations like that. So black it was. Black always feels safe in fall and winter. You somehow feel embraced by the sombre atmosphere around you and the sophistication comes as a natural pluss.



I wear black less and less though. I don’t think it is such a surprise. As I’m growing older, the more obvious it gets: black is a very demanding “color” to wear. For most. If you aren’t among the few that look great in strong – or very bleak – cold colors, your skin will be challenged (badly) by this shade. I won’t stop wearing it, but I do it with cautiousness and make sure to pay extra attention to my make-up…


I found this dress in a small boutique in Cannes this summer. It has a cute cut-out in the back and great bell- sleeves that I have a thing for, these days. Wearing it with structured tights takes it from dressed up to a Monday outfit. Shoes from Zara brings edge. The bag from See by Chloé is well worn, I love it and do not intend to start investing in hyper expensive bags anytime soon.


By the time I got outside and had my picture taken, the weather had changed to full sun. Oh well. All the more points to the open back.

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