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FASHION, fashionoverforty, PERSONAL STYLE / Sunday, May 7th, 2017

What feature, angle or part of your body is the one thing you like the most about yourself? is it your face, your waist, legs, bust, or maybe your hair? If you don’t know it is long overdue you figure it out. You see, there are pretty few of us out there that are generally happy with all we were handled. At worst we talk ourself down and find reasons to dislike our bodies, so having that one thing you like is essential.IMG_6103
To me it is my shoulders. They are wide and strong, gets a nice tan in summer and my neck sits pretty on top of it. As I age I find more and more reasons not to be happy with the way things develop. But instead of being overwhelmed by it I try and take care of myself, eat well and right, and focus on the things that I like. Dressing for my body and knowing that one thing that works when all else fails is essential.
It doesn’t hurt to have a few favourites that makes you feel more like you than anything else either. Here I’m wearing three of my favourite things all at once: stripes, hoop earrings and golden touches. The fact That this outfit is super comfy in addition, makes it a favourite also this summer. The only new thing here is my Chloé bag. This was my spring investment and will be a sure companion this summer.

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