Winter skin

MISCELLANEOUS / Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Wrinkles? Pigment spots? Dull or chapped skin? Rosacea? I got it all covered. I think…

Some years ago I was struggling with terrible skin problems. It got so bad in the end I could not put water on it without it turning flaming red. I tried everything: all kinds of expensive creams; salong treatments and a huge variety of vitamins. Nothing worked. Until my doctor ordered a full check-up and discovered that I was anaemic! He order a cure of D-vitamins injections – one every week for five week – and them once every quarter ever after. So, what you see on the picture below is thus not some monstrous filler to inject in my face, but a healthy dose of vitamins that goes in my buttox every quarter. That, combined with the trusty old fish oil, tran, is really what has made all the difference for my winter skin.

It still doesn’t mean I don’t treat my skin to some outside TLC as well. It’s just that I don’t believe in wonder creams so much (after admittedly having tried quite a few..). I find that Vichy is a very good alternative to any super-expensive face cream. My personal favorite is “Nutriology 2”. It hydrates perfectly, day and night. For my eyes, that aren’t exactly getting any younger…., I use “Liftactive Eyes”. I find it has an ever so slight lifting effect. At least I see it when I am not using it.. Last but not least I use Lancôme, serum “Visionnaire” religiously day and night, all year round. It truly has an effect on dark spots. About the anti-wrinkle effect, I don’t really know. But it doesn’t hurt to try..?


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