FASHION, fashionoverforty, PERSONAL STYLE / Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Nothing says winter more than snow.  And the closer we come to Christmas the more we want it, at least here in Norway. You can pile up all the decorations you want, but it will never be able to compete with a sprinkle of clear, white snow. In terms of dressing, things get slightly more difficult. A winterwhite ensemble can bring that same feeling of pure winter bliss, but – man-  is it demanding!

I have few white items in my wardrobe for winter, but I only seldom wear them together for a full look. But today, as we had something to celebrate, I dug them out and put together an outfit of different kinds of white. As I fit warm colours best, my preferred white really is cream. I team it with gold to fit my skin. White with silver is gorgeous too, but I leave that to you with different colouring than me.

Normally I go for white trousers in summer and black in winter. And – yes – it is mostly for practical reasons. The pure white snow very seldom stays like that in the city. After a few hours you’re more likely to have dirty, gray mosh and that doesn’t go very well with white…

Besides: you really should have light boots with trousers like these. But since I wear such things so seldom I haven’t gotten round to buying a pair. So here I am with  some sturdy black once instead. Less glamorous. Much more practical

Coat: Tara Jarmon. Top: Alexander McQueen. Trousers: Zara. Belt: Manillusion. Beret and earrings: H&M.

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