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FASHION, fashionoverforty, PERSONAL STYLE / Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Embroideries, flowers, colors! The French brand Sinéqanone sure knows how to tick all girly boxes at once!  Adding a wonderful bounce, due to the heavy organza it’s made of, makes this skirt quite irresistible to me. It’s pricey though, so it has to go on my wish list for now.
Personally I’m struggling a bit with waist emphasizing skirts like these. I don’t have particularly big issues with the way I’m built, but should I pick one part I would redo, it would be my waist. As long as that can’t happen I’ll have to get by with whatever trick I can use. Here it’s a short top, That means it doesn’t have to be tucked in and build me out further. Bingo!

img_1914_m_bTake a look at Sagene church and my picture. There are some funny matching going on there, don’t you think? The church and the trees are beautiful all in their own rights though. Oh, dear Oslo fall!
Mary Indiana is the store I found the skirt in. It is situated at Torshov and is a wonderful treasure trove of Norwegian and international brands. I’m always finding something I want when I wander in there, so I try not to visit too often…

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