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Making a good party takes planning, time, money and effort. Just by that, one could understand why you would want to avoid it. But still I love it! There is something about visioning that great atmosphere and bringing it to life that really excites me.

Dressing the table for instance. I have a lot of fun figuring out how to arrange the flowers and tableware every time (Ironing the table linnen is something I could do without though…).

Having a great vintage dress to wear for a big occasion like New Years is a treat. I found this years ago at my local vintage/second-hand store and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. It is clearly form the 50s, with a pointy bodice and slightly slanted shoulderstraps. Normally I’m not that big on tuille, but when it comes in emerald green like here, I’m all in. The earrings are also vintage, and those are bought at Frøken Dianas Salonger, here at Grünerløkka (Oslo).

This time I decided to arrange the flowers in a wreath. It looks a bit different and is also practical as it doesn’t keep the guests from seeing each other

Adding to the vintage spirit are our fabulous, crystal-coupe glasses that we inherited from my husbands French family. I adore them for occasions like these.

All guests was at their most glamorous. Not least my darling Ella. It is so special seeing your kids grow and morph into the women they will become. Celebrating in style with them is something I treasure. Hope each and every one of you had a great celebration as well! I wish you all



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